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自在之物 thing-in-itself
自在阶级 class for itself
自备 provide for oneself
自备外汇 self-provided foreign exchan...
自备干粮 bring your own food with you
自备电站 private station
自大 self-important
自大狂 megalomania
自大连渡海去烟台 cross from Dalian to Yantai
自天而降 descend from heaven
自夸 sing one's own praises
自夸自赏 indulge in self-glorificatio...
自奉 provide the necessities of l...
自奉优厚 do oneself proud
自奉俭约 be economical in self-comfor...
自奉甚约 live economically
自如 with facility
自始 ab initio
自始至终 from beginning to end
自学 study on one's own
自学丛书 self-study series
自学成才 become talented through self...
自学考试 examination for the self-tau...
自学课本 teach-yourself books
自学高考 entrance examination for the...
自家 oneself
自寻了断 commit suicide
自寻出路 work out one's own salvation
自寻末路 cut one's own throat
自寻死路 court self-destruction
自寻烦恼 bring vexation on oneself
自寻短见 commit suicide
自寻绝路 court self-destruction
自寻苦恼 torment oneself
自导 self-conductance
自导水雷 homing mine
自导鱼雷 homing torpedoe
自封 proclaim oneself
自封为权威 term oneself an authority
自封为清高 "pure and lofty" but that is...
自封为王 style oneself the king
自尊 self-respect
自尊心 self-respect
自尊感 sense of self-respect
自尊自大 be self-respecting and self-...
自尊自贵 think one's penny silver
自尽 commit suicide
自居 consider oneself to be
自居作用 indentification
自差 autodyne
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