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自卸汽车 dump truck
自卸货船 self-discharging ship
自卸车 dumper
自去年以来她瘦了好多 She has thinned down a lot s...
自发 spontaneous
自发倾向 spontaneous trend
自发地组织起来 organize spontaneously
自发地雷 automatic action mine
自发投资 autonomous investment
自发斗争 spontaneous struggle
自发活动 spontaneous activity
自发突变 spontaneous mutation
自发罢工 outlaw strike
自发蜕变 spontaneous decay
自发行为 spontaneous behaviour
自发裂变 spontaneous fission
自发论 theory of spontaneous advanc...
自发辐射 spontaneous radiation
自取 ask for
自取其咎 bring blame on oneself
自取其祸 bring misery on oneself
自取其辱 bring disgrace on one's own ...
自取灭亡 court destruction
自取玷辱 bring discredit on oneself
自变量 argument
自变量部分 independent variable unit
自古代以来 from ancient times
自古以来 from ancient times to the pr...
自古及今 from ancient times till now
自古嫦娥爱少年 From of old,young nymphs hav...
自古无不犯错误的将军 History has never known an i...
自古至今 in all ages
自叹不如 sigh at the idea of one's co...
自叹自乐 enjoy one's sorrow
自各儿 oneself
自吹法螺 blow one's own trumpet
自吹自夸 praise one's own wares
自吹自擂 blow one's own trumpet
自告奋勇 volunteer for special duty
自命 consider oneself
自命不凡 consider oneself a person of...
自命为历史学家 consider oneself a historian
自命先知 set oneself up for a prophet
自命清高 acting as if one is morally ...
自咎 blame oneself
自喷井 blow well
自喷采油 oil flow production
自因至果 from the cause to effect
自圆其说 make one's statement consist...
自在 free
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