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自动电话 automatic telephone
自动监控 automatic monitoring
自动程序控制计算机 automatic sequence controlle...
自动线 automatic production line
自动翻译机 automatic translator
自动舵 auto-steer
自动装配线 automatic assembly line
自动警报 auto-alarm
自动计算器 comptograph
自动计算机 automatic computer
自动记录仪 automatic recording instrume...
自动读数 automatic reading
自动车床 screw machine
自动转换 automatic switching
自动退出历史舞台 step down from the stage of ...
自动送料 self-feeding
自动铅笔 mechanical pencil
自动门 autogate
自动阀 automatic valve
自动阀避雷器 auto valve arrester
自动音量控制 automatic volume control
自动饮水器 drinking fountain
自助助人 help others by helping onese...
自助天助 Heaven helps those who help ...
自助者天助 God helps those who help the...
自励 self-excitation
自励励人 encourage oneself and others
自励发电机 self-exciter
自励电动机 self-excited motor
自勉 spur oneself on force onesel...
自卑 feel oneself inferior
自卑心理 inferiority complex
自卑情结 the inferiority complex
自卑感 inferiority complex
自卑自贱 look down upon and despise o...
自卖自夸 praise the goods one sells
自卫 self-defence
自卫军 self-defence corps
自卫原则 principle of self-defence
自卫反击 counterattack in self-defens...
自卫反击战 war of self-defensive counte...
自卫战争 war of self-defence
自卫能力 the capacity to defend onese...
自卫行动 an act in self-defence
自卫还击 launch a counterattack in se...
自卫队 self-defence troop
自即日起 as from today
自即日起生效 become effective from this d...
自卸 self-discharging
自卸卡车 dump truck
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