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绕线车 supply reel
绕线转子 wound rotor
绕线轴 roll
绕组 winding
绕组元件 element of winding
绕组系数 winding coefficient
绕组线 winding wire
绕脖子 beat about the bush
绕膝承欢 stay with one's parents in o...
绕航 deviate
绕航权 diversion privilege
绕航条款 deviation clause
绕航避难 deviation for refuge
绕行 passing round
绕行方位群 round of bearings
绕行道 runaround
绕跑道跑两圈 run around the track twice
绕跑道跑了两遭 run around the track twice
绕过暗礁 bypass hidden reefs
绕远儿 go the long way round
绕道 make a detour
绕道而行 take a devious route
绕道行驶 detour
绕道迂回 make a detour
绕避 passing round
hemp cloth of mourning
绗动 sew with long stitches
绗缝 quilting
绗缝机 quilter
绗被子 sew on the quilt cover with ...
绘像 a portrait
绘制 draw
绘制图表 draw a diagram
绘制地图 draw a map
绘制草图 make a rough drawing
绘图 plot
绘图仪 mapper
绘图台 drawing table
绘图员 draftsman
绘图器 plotter
绘图室 drawing room
绘图工具 drawing instrument
绘图机 draught machine
绘图板 drawing board
绘图桌 drawing desk
绘图比例尺 mappng scale drawing rule
绘图法 drawing
绘图笔 plot pen
绘图纸 drafting paper
绘图钉 drawing pin
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