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结肠系膜 mesocolon
结肠腹膜炎 exocolitis
结膜 conjunctiva
结膜切除术 logadectomy
结膜炎 conjunctivitis
结舌 ankyloglossia
结舌禁声 control one's tongue and kee...
结舌缄口 tongue-tied and mouth-sealed
结节 tubercle
结茧 cocooning
结草衔环 make a grass knot or champ a...
结荚 bear pods
结萌 Jie Meng
结蜡 paraffin precipitation
结论 conclusion conclusion
结论性证据 final evidence
结识 get acquainted with sb.
结识了许多朋友 have made a lot of friends
结转 carry-over
结转下期 balance carried forward
结转帐户 continuing account
结转库存量 carry-over stock
结集 concentrate
结集付印 compile a collection of writ...
结集军队 concentrate troops
结霜 frosting
结露水缘 jump over the broomstick
结驷连骑 a carriage drawn by four hor...
bend a surname
绕全球不着陆飞行 a non-stop global flight
绕口令 tongue twister
绕嘴 not be smooth
绕圈子 circle
绕场一周 go round the stadium
绕弯儿 go for a stroll talk in a ro...
绕接 solderless wrapped connectio...
绕朝 Rao Chao
绕树三匝 circle a tree three times
绕校园一周 fetch a circuit of the campu...
绕梁之音 sounds that seem to be windi...
绕流 streaming
绕流区 periptery
绕流管 by-pass
绕焊 boxing
绕然 Rao Ran
绕线 coiling
绕线器 bobbin winoler
绕线座 bobbin winder base
绕线机 coiling machine
绕线柱 wrapping post
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