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结构调整 structural adjustment
结构钢 structural steel
结果 bear fruit
结果不太可心 The result is not very satis...
结果不妙 will come to no good end
结果他们打赢了 Finally,they won the game. k...
结果在我的意料之中 The result met my expectatio...
结果坏事变成了好事 As a result,the bad thing ha...
结果年龄 bearing age
结果报告 return
结果枝 bearing branch
结果记录 object record
结果评价 evaluation of result
结核 tuberculosis
结核学 phthisiology
结核患者 tubercular
结核杆菌 tubercle bacillus
结核病 tuberculosis
结核病医院 tuberculosis hospital
结核病患者 a person suffering from tube...
结核病院 tuberculosis hospital
结核细菌 tuberculosis bacteria
结核菌素 tuberculin
结核菌素疗法 tuberculin therapy
结核菌素试验 tuberculin test
结核菌苗 tuberculosis vaccines
结案 wind up a case
结欠 balance due
结欠清单 account rendered
结欠金额 balance due
结汇 settlement of exchange
结汇证 marginal receipt
结法 connection
结清 settle
结清余额 settlement of balance
结清债务 settle a debt
结清帐目 close accounts
结点 knot
结焦 coking
结球甘蓝 cabbage
结电容 junction capacity
结电容器 junction capacitor
结疤 scab
结痂 form a scab
结皮 skinning
结盟 form an alliance
结盟修好 enter into an alliance with
结石 stone
结石尿 uraturia
结石病 lithiasis
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