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自主企业 autonomous enterprise
自主作用 autonomisation
自主关税 autonomous tariff
自主决定 decide on one's own
自主性 autonomy
自主性专业组织 autonomous professional orga...
自主性交易 autonomous transaction
自主投资 autonomous investment
自主权 right to handle enterprises'...
自主税率 statuory tariff
自主管理 manage independently
自主经营 make its own managerial deci...
自乘 involution
自习 study by oneself
自习室 room for individual study
自习时间 time for individual study
自产自销 market one's own products
自从 since
自从盘古开天地 since Pan Gu separated heave...
自以为不可一世 swagger like a conquering he...
自以为了不起 be swollen with pride
自以为得计 think oneself clever
自以为是 consider oneself in the righ...
自以为非 think of one's own defects a...
自传 autobiography
自传体 the autobiographical type
自体受精 self-fertilization
自作主张 have one's own way of doing ...
自作多情 imagine oneself as the favou...
自作孽自持 can not control one's own pa...
自作聪明 fancy oneself clever
自作自受 suffer through one's own mis...
自作裁夺 use one's discretion
自你走后我们非常想念你 We have missed you badly sin...
自供 confess
自供状 confession
自便 at one's convenience
自信 self-confident
自信心 self-confidence
自信满怀 be sure of oneself
自信能胜任这项工作 believe in one's own compete...
自修 study by oneself build
自修法语 teach oneself French
自傲 arrogant
自入圈套 put one's neck into a noose
自公布之日起施行 come into force upon promulg...
自冬至夏 from winter to summer
自决 decide by oneself
自决权 right to self-determination
自出心裁 have an unconventional idea
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