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秘鲁 Peru
秘鲁人 Peruvian
租一架飞机 charter a plane
租一辆公共汽车 hire a bus rent out
租与 grant
租书处 book rental
租佃 rent out land to tenants
租借 rent
租借人 leaseholder
租借割让 cession in lease
租借地 leased territory
租借期限 time limit of the lease
租契 lease
租子 land rent
租户 tenant
租期 tenancy
租用 rent
租用人 leaseholder
租用外轮 charter foreign vessels
租用家具 rent furniture
租用礼堂 hire a hall
租用线路 leased line
租电影院 rent a cinema
租界 concession
租税 land tax and other levies
租约 lease
租约的延续 continuation of tenancies
租船 chartering
租船业务 charter business
租船人 charterer
租船人支付费用 charterer pays dues
租船代理 chartering agent
租船代理佣金 address commission
租船协议 chartering agreement
租船合同 charter party
租船契约 charter agreement
租船委托书 chartering order
租船市场 chartering market
租船经纪人 chartering broker
租船费 charterage
租船费率 charter rate
租船运货 affreightment
租船运费 chartered freight
租让 concession
租让制 concession system
租让合同 concession agreement
租让合同承租人 concessionaire
租购 hire purchase
租购业务 hire purchase finance
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