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结婚证书 marriage certificate
结婚费用 marriage expenses
结婚酒席 wedding feast
结子 seed
结子儿 bear seed
结存 cash on hand
结实 bear fruit
结实的材料 durable stuff
结实累累 fruits growing in clusters
结尾 ending
结局 final result
结巴 stammer
结帐 settle accounts
结帐整理 closing adjustment
结帐日期 closing date
结帐记录 closing entries
结帮营私 band together to seek selfis...
结式 eliminant
结彩 adorn with festoons
结怨 contract enmity
结成 form
结成一伙 gang up
结成伉俪 become married couple
结成同盟 form an alliance
结成最广泛的统一战线 form the broadest possible u...
结成深厚的友谊 form a profound friendship
结成联盟往往是为了共同防御 Leagues are commonly made fo...
结扎 ligation
结扎器 ligator
结扎术 ligation
结扎染色 knot dyeing
结扎止血法 perstriction
结扎法 desmurgia
结扎血管 ligature blood vessels
结拜 be sworn brothers
结拜兄弟 go for brothers
结收外汇 Exports proceeds in foreign ...
结晶 crystallize crystal
结晶体 acicula
结晶作用 crystallization
结晶净化 purging by crystallization
结晶剂 crystallizing agent
结晶化学 crystal chemistry
结晶器 crystallizer
结晶器件 crystallizer
结晶固体 crystalline solid
结晶基底 crystalline basement
结晶学 crystallography
结晶层 crystallizing layer
结晶岩石 crystalline rock
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