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be recovered
瘦削 very thin
瘦削的面孔 a haggard face
瘦土薄田 poor soil and barren land
瘦子 a lean person
瘦小 thin and small
瘦小的男子 a man of spare frame
瘦弱 thin and weak
瘦弱马 tit
瘦得不像样 extremely thin
瘦得像鬼 be reduced to a shadow
瘦得成了一副骨头架子 be all skin and bone
瘦得皮包骨头 be only skin and bones
瘦果 achene
瘦死的骆驼比马大 A lean camel is bigger than ...
瘦煤 black- jack
瘦瘠 thin
瘦筋巴骨 thin and bony
瘦肉 lean meat
瘦肉量 cutability
瘦长 long and thin
瘦骨伶仃 skinny and scrawny
瘦骨嶙峋 as thin as a latch
瘦骨薄田 poor soil and barren land
瘩背 carbuncle on the back
瘩见 "疙瘩"
瘪三 a wretched-looking tramp who...
瘪嘴 nutcracker
瘪泡 collapse
瘪花生 blighted peanuts
瘪螺痧 cholera
瘪谷子 blighted grains
瘫子 a person suffering from para...
瘫痪 palsy
瘫痪于地 sink helplessly to the groun...
瘫软 weak and limp
pyogenic infection of the pa...
瘭疽 pyogenic infection of the pa...
瘭疽草 whitlow grass
瘰疬 crewels
瘰疬性苔藓 lichen scrofulosus
瘰疬质 scrofulosis
瘰鳞蛇 wart snake
瘴毒 miasm
瘴气 miasm
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