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有名有实 both in name and in fact
有名的作家 a famous writer
有名的戏剧评论家 a well-known drama critic
有名的战例 a famous battle
有名的科学家 a celebrated scientist
有味儿 tasty
有味道 flavoursome
有唱有和 echo each other
有啥吃啥 eat whatever is available
有啥说啥 say what one has to say
有喜 be expecting
有嘴无心 say what one does not mean
有固定收入的职工 fixed income earners
有国难投 Though one has a country one...
有坏名声 be ill reputed
有增无减 There is increase but no dec...
有增无已 continue to increase
有声有色 be full of sound and colour
有声片 sound film
有声电影 sound film
有声词典 sound dictionary
有声读物 talking book
有备无患 be prepared against want
有多余的一份 There is an extra copy.
有多大劲使多大劲 Use all your strength. much ...
有多少人来参加晚会 How many people are coming t...
有多少种产品是由尼龙制造的 How many products are made f...
有大丈夫气概 play the man
有大志 aim high
有天才 have a flair for
有天无日 devoid of justice
有天没日 speak insolently
有天没日地瞎说 reckless and dissipated in o...
有夫之妇 married woman
有失体统 be disgraceful
有失体面 be a loss of face honourable
有失分寸 a breach of propriety
有失和气 fail to keep on good terms
有失国体 tarnish the honour of one's ...
有失观瞻 lose one's dignity
有失身份 be beneath one's dignity
有头无尾 having a beginning but no en...
有头有脸 respected
有奔头 have a bright prospect
有奖债券 premium bond
有奖储蓄 deposit with lottery
有奖演说比赛 a prize speaking contest
有奖购物 lottery shopping
有女怀春 There is a girl in love.
正音词典 orthoepic dictionary
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