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报之以嗤笑 respond with a sneer
报之以笑 laugh in return
报之鼓舞人心的响应 return an encouraging answer
报人 newspaperman
报仇 revenge
报仇雪恨 pay off old scores
报仇雪耻 recover the ashes
报以一笑 send back a smile
报以冷笑 respond with a sneer
报以嘘声 be greeted with hisses
报以微笑 smile in return
报以白眼 give a person a black look
报价 quoted price
报价单 quotation of prices
报信 notify
报偿 repay
报关 declare sth. at the customs
报关人 declarant
报关单 bill of entry
报关港口 port of entry
报关行 agent for clearing customs
报关证书 customs clearance certificat...
报关费 customs clearing charges
报养育之恩 make oneself worthy of sb.'s...
报分 call the score
报刊 newspapers and periodicals
报刊是公共福利的卫护者 The press is a guardian of t...
报刊杂志 newspapers and periodicals
报刊杂志读取机 journal reader
报刊阅览室 newspaper reading room
报到 report for duty
报到处 check in
报功 report achievement
报务 work concerning telegraphing...
报务员 radio operator
报单 customs declaration
报友人书 a reply to a friend show gra...
报名 enroll
报名单 entry form
报名参军 enter one's name for the arm...
报名参加百米赛跑 enter one's name for the 100...
报名参加的不光是他一个人 He was not the only one to s...
报告 report
报告上级 report to the higher authori...
报告中所提到的事实都丝毫不差 The facts mentioned in the r...
报告书 written report
报告人对这些问题逐一作了说明 The speaker explained these ...
报告会 public lecture
报告已经录下来了 The speech has been tape-rec...
报告文件处理机 report generator
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