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护理人员 nursing personnel
护理伤病员 nurse the sick and the wound...
护理某人使之恢复健康 nurse a person back to healt...
护理部 nursing department
护田林 shelterbelt along the field
护盖 protecting cover
护目罩 eye guard
护目镜 eye protector
护短 shield a shortcoming or faul...
护穴 phragmosis
护耳 earflaps
护耳器 ear defenders
护肤液 shin moisturizer
护肩 shoulder pad
护背 backpiece
护胸 chest protector
护腕 wrister
护腿 gaiter
护膝 kneelet
护臂 barcer
护航 escort
护航任务 escort mission
护航军舰 convoy ship
护航战斗机 escort fighter
护航船 convoying ship
护航部队 escort force
护航飞机 escort aircraft
护裆 jockstrap
护路 patrol and guard a road or r...
护路工 trackman
护路林 protective belt along a road
护路队 road maintenance team
护身 flak jacket
护身符 amulet
护运 ship sth. under guard
护送 escort
护道 berm
护道排水沟 berm spillway
护驾 guard the emperor
护鸟周 Bird Protection Week
报上刊登的一则公告 a public notice in a newspap...
报上登载了框有黑边的烈士遗像 The newspaper carried the ma...
报上说的 what is reported in the news...
报业 the press as a profession
报业公会 a newspapers association
报丧 give an obituary notice
报临时户口 apply for a temporary reside...
报之一笑 respond with a smile
报之以冷笑 respond with a sneer
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