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护兵 military guards
护具 protective clothing
护养 cultivate
护养公路 maintain a highway
护养秧苗 cultivate seedlings
护养羊羔 rear lambs
护卫 protect
护卫巡航 escort a cruise
护卫舰 escort vessel
护卫艇 escort boat
护厂 guard a factory
护发用品 hair care articles
护发素 hair conditioner
护园林 garden-shelter forest
护国安民 guard the state and pacify t...
护坡 slope protection
护坡墙 slope wall
护坡道 banket
护城壕沟 moat
护城河 fosse
护堤 reinforcing dam
护墙 revetment
护墙板 chair rail
护墙板材料 wainscoting
护士 nurse
护士学校 nurses' school
护士对病人照应得很好 The nurses take good care of...
护士节 Nurses' Day
护士长 head nurse
护壳 protecting case
护封 book jacket
护岸 bank protection
护岸工程 bank protector
护岸排水沟 berm ditch
护己 defend oneself
护庇 shelter
护手 handguard
护手盘 hand guard
护持 shield and sustain
护板 backplate
护林 protect a forest
护林员 forest ranger
护栏 guardrail
护法 uphold the constitution prot...
护法运动 the movement to defend the c...
护渔船 fishing patrol boat
护漆 vernix
护照 passport
护照往往可用来证明旅行者的身份 Passports are frequently ser...
护理 nurse
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