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抢夺胜利果实 seize the fruits of victory
抢婚 marriage by capture
抢官夺权 grab official posts and seiz...
抢市 rush in market supplies
抢干脏活重活 vie with each other for the ...
抢手 enjoy good sale
抢手货 shopping-rush goods
抢拍 fight for vantage point in t...
抢挑重担 rush to shoulder heavy respo...
抢掠 loot
抢收 rush in the harvest
抢收抢种 rush-harvest and rush-plant
抢救 rescue
抢救中心 rescue centre
抢救为洪水所围困的居民 rescue the residents strande...
抢救国家财产 save state property
抢救工作 rescue work
抢救无效 All rescue measures proved i...
抢救溺水儿童 rescue a drowning child
抢救病人 give emergency treatment to ...
抢救组 rescue party
抢救费 salvage
抢救队 rescue crew
抢时间 race against time
抢景 quick change
抢渡 speedily cross
抢球 scramble for the ball rush
抢生意 undercut
抢白 reprove or satirize sb. to h...
抢种 rush-planting
抢篮板球 rebound recovery
抢线 ruthless pre-emption
抢绿灯 jump the green light
抢购 rush to purchase
抢购物资 panic buying of goods
抢购者 snapper-up
抢购风 buying spree
抢购风潮 panic purchasing
抢走 loot
抢运 rush transport
抢镜头 steal the show
抢险 rush to deal with an emergen...
抢险救灾 do rescue and relief work
抢险队 emergency squad
抢险飞渡 cross rivers in the teeth of...
抢风 against the wind
抢风变向 taciturnly
抢风行驶 tack
抢饭碗 grab sb.'s job
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