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改头换面 make only superficial change...
改嫁 remarry
改容易色 One's face changed its hue.
改山易河 reshape the mountains and ri...
改山治水 transform mountains and harn...
改山造田可是硬碰硬的事 To transform hills into fiel...
改建 rebuild
改建计划尚不成形 The plan of reconstruction h...
改建项目 reconstruction item
改弦易辙 make a new start
改弦更张 refix a bowstring -- to chan...
改恶从善 remove the evil and follow t...
改悔 repent
改扩建 reorganization and expansion
改扮 disguise oneself as
改换 change over to
改换名称 rename
改换地点 change the place
改换家门 change the status of one's f...
改换朝代 change a dynasty
改换步调 change of pace
改掉 remove
改掉坏习气 correct bad habits
改掉抽烟习惯 give up the habit of smoking
改日 another day
改日再来 come another day instead
改易 change
改朝换代 dynastic changes an emperor'...
改期 change the date
改本子 go over students' written ex...
改来变去 shift about
改正 correct
改正液 correction fluid
改正过失 amend one's fault
改步改玉 adopt different measures acc...
改河易道 change the river course
改煤灶 make alteration in an oven r...
改种水稻 switch over to growing rice
改窜 tamper with
改组 reorganize
改组内阁 reshuffle the cabinet
改组领导班子 reorganize the leading body
改编 adapt
改编曲 arrangement
改编本 adaptation
改编者 editor
改良 improve
改良主义 reformism
改良主义者 reformist
改良厕所 improve latrine
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