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抛物面反射镜 parabolic mirror
抛物面天线 parabolic antenna
抛物面射电望远镜 parabolic radio telescope
抛物面接收天线 receiving paraboloid
抛石 rock rip-rap
抛石机 basilisk
抛砖引玉 throw away a brick in order ...
抛给 toss to
抛荒 discontinue farming and let ...
抛诸九霄 cast... to the winds
抛车 spiral seed separator
抛锚 drop anchor
抛锚转向 clubhaul
dig or dig out with a finger...
抠字眼儿 find fault with the choice o...
抠搜 dig
抠门儿 stingy
抠鼻子 pick one's nose
抡材 select suitable material
抡起铁锹 swing a spade
抢上前去 step quickly forward
抢亲 take a woman for marriage by...
抢人饭碗 take the bread out of a pers...
抢修 rush to repair
抢修房屋 make urgent repair on houses
抢修河堤 rush to repair dikes scrape
抢修站 breakdown service
抢修队 recovery party
抢先 try to be the first to do st...
抢先占领制高点 compete to occupy a commandi...
抢出风头 walk off with
抢劫 rob
抢劫一空 loot to the last pin
抢劫案 robbery
抢劫罪 crime of pillage
抢劫者 robber
抢劫财物 plunder everything valuable
抢劫银行 rob the bank
抢劫银行的匪徒 bank bandit
抢占 race to control
抢占制高点 race to control a commanding...
抢嘴 try to beat others in being ...
抢墒 lose no time in sowing while...
抢墒播种 sow right away
抢天呼地 strike one's head on the gro...
抢夺 snatch
改良土壤 improve the soil reform
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