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定影法 fixing process
定影液 fixer
定律 law
定心 calm one's mind
定心丸 sth. capable of setting sb.'...
定态 stationary state
定性 determine the nature determi...
定性滤纸 qualitative filter paper
定息 fixed rate of interest
定息债券 active bond
定惊 arresting convulsion
定数 fixed number
定方向 orientation
定方针 decide on a policy
定时 timing
定时器 timer
定时定点 at a fixed time and location
定时导火线 time fuse a small incident t...
定时操作 fixed cycle operation
定时炸弹 time bomb
定时表 timing indicator
定时限 constant time-lag
定更 beat the first watch at p.m....
定期 fix a date regular
定期交货 delivery on term
定期产量 standing crop
定期付款 payment on terms
定期付款汇票 bill payable on a stated dat...
定期体格检查 regular physical checkups
定期保险 time policy
定期保险单 time policy
定期保险展期 renewal term insurance
定期信用证 time letter of credit
定期修理 preventive overhaul
定期储蓄 fixed deposit
定期出现 periodicity
定期刊物 periodical publication
定期可伐量 allowable periodic cut
定期合同 fixed term contract
定期喷发火山 volcano of periodic eruption
定期存单 time certificate
定期存款 fixed deposit
定期存款单 time certificate of deposit
定期审计 regular audit
定期客船 liner
定期客货轮 combination passenger-cargo ...
定期客轮 cabin-liner
定期往返两地 commuter
定期徒刑 penal for a fixed time
定期快轮 express liner
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