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定势 set
定单 order for goods
定压 level pressure
定可取胜 be sure to winⅣ a surname
定可成功 certainly will succeed
定名 name
定向 directional
定向作用 orientation
定向力 directive force
定向力障碍 disorientation
定向天线 beam antenna
定向学习 guided learning
定向性 directionality
定向无线电 directive radio
定向爆破 directional blasting
定向聚合 stereoregular polymerization...
定向选择 orthoselection
定向透射 regular transmission
定员 fixed number of staff member...
定员管理 manpower authorization
定场白 the soliloquy to introduce o...
定场诗 the poem read when making on...
定址 addressing
定型 finalize the design
定型产品 approved product
定型装置 calibrator
定型设计 design type
定域 localization
定夺 make a final decision
定婚 be engaged
定婚戒指 engagement ring
定子 determinant
定尺寸 scaling-off
定尺指示器 indicator scale
定尺长度 cut lengths
定局 foregone conclusion
定居 settle
定居区 ecumene
定居在大连 fix one's residence in Dalia...
定居点 settlement
定工定产 each peasant contracts to co...
定常 permanent
定幅 tentering
定座 reservation
定座主教 residential bishop
定弦 tune a stringed instrument
定形 setting
定影 photographic fixing
定影剂 fixing agent
定影助剂 fixing aid
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