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幅面 width of cloth or woolen goo...
幅频共调 simultaneous frequency and a...
幅频变换器 AM-FM converter
幅频响应特性 amplitude-frequency response...
幅频失真 amplitude-frequency distorti...
幅频特性 amplitude-frequency characte...
幅频特性曲线 amplitude-versus-frequency c...
heavy curtain
幌子 shop sign
幎同 "幂"
幔帐 curtain
covering cloth,silk or felt
幕僚 high official's house guest ...
幕友 a private assistant or advis...
幕后 behind the scenes
幕后交易 behind-the-scenes deal
幕后人物 wirepuller
幕后把戏 underhand tricks
幕后指使 direct... behind the scenes
幕后掌权 hold behind-the-scenes power
幕后操纵 manipulate from behind the s...
幕后操纵者 wire-puller
幕后新闻 behind-the-scenes news
幕后活动 behind-the-scenes activities
幕后的敌人比前台的更危险 Enemies behind the scene are...
幕后策划 plot behind the scenes
幕后谈判 behind-the-scenes conference
幕启 The curtain rises.
幕墙 curtain
幕天席地 take sky as canopy and earth...
幕宾 high official's house guest ...
幕布 curtain
幕府 office of the commanding off...
幕燕釜鱼 in dangerous spot
幕状 tentiform
幕状星云 veil nebula
幕状物 curtain
幕起幕落 The curtain rises and falls.
幕间休息 interval
幕间曲 intermezzo
a scroll of cloth or silk wi...
幛屏菱形天线 curtain rhombic antenna
幛形天线 curtain antenna
幛形天线阵 curtain array
man's scarf in ancient times
long narrow flag
幡然 quickly and completely
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