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商品稳定协定 commodity stabilization agre...
商品等价交换 exchange of commodities of e...
商品简介标签 descriptive labeling
商品粮 commodity grain
商品粮专业户 households specializing in g...
商品粮中心 marketable grain centre
商品粮基地 commodity grain base
商品级 commercial grade
商品经济 commodity economy
商品结构 commodity composition
商品综合方案 integrated commodity program
商品范围 commodity coverage
商品表 commodity list
商品说明书 descriptive literature
商品调剂 adjustment of commodity
商品货币 commodity money
商品货币关系 commodity-money relationship
商品购买力 commodity purchasing power
商品贸易平衡 merchandise trade balance
商品贸易条件 commodity terms of trade
商品输出 commodity export
商品过剩 a glut of goods
商品运输上的倒流 transporting goods back to t...
商品进口税 duties on imported goods
商品退回卖方 goods returned to vendor
商品退换 rejection of commodity
商品都标了价格 Every article has a price ta...
商品采购 procurement of commodities
商品采购成本 merchandise procurement cost
商品钢材 merchant shapes
商品销售市场 outlet for goods
商品锌 spelter
商品陈列 commodity display
商品陈列台 shopboard
商品陈列室 storeroom
商品陈列馆 commerce museum
商品零售总额 total retail sales of consum...
商品鱼 marketable fish
商场 market
商场证券利率 bazaar bill rate
商埠 commercial port
商墓 Shang Dynasty tomb
商学士 bachelor of commerce
商学院 business college
商定 decide through consultation
商定全损 arranged total loss
商展 trade fair
商店 shop
商店一转弯就到 The shop is just round the c...
商店上午九时开始营业 The shops open at nine in th...
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