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划归 put under
划得一手好桨 pull a good oar
划得来 It is worthwhile.
划成分 determine class status
划押 mark signature
划拉 brush away scrawl
划拨 appropriate
划拨一笔款子 appropriate a sum assign
划拨一间屋子作阅览室 assign a room for reading
划拳 paddle
划拳行令 lay rowdy drinking games
划掉一个字 cross out a word
划时代 epoch-making
划时代的创作 epoch-making creative work
划时代的发现 an epoch-making discovery
划时代的大事 epoch-making event
划框框 set limits
划款 transfer money
划水 arm pull
划清 draw a clear line of demarca...
划清是非界限 make a clear distinction bet...
划清界限 draw a demarcation line with...
划片 scribing
划片机 scribing machine
划玻璃 cut a piece of glass
划界 delimit a boundary
划痕 scratch
划痕器 scratcher
划痕硬度 scratch hardness
划痕规 scratch gauge
划痕记数法 score
划破 scarification
划等号 equate
划策 give counsel
划算 calculate
划粉 tailor's chalk
划线 lineation
划线支票 crossed check
划臂 arm pull
划船 paddle a boat
划船术 watermanship
划船舞 Boating Dance
划船运动 boating
划艇 pulling-boat
划艇运动 canoeing
划行 paddle
划过 streak
划针 embossing stylus
whittle edges and corners ca...
a surname
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