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切齿腐心 hate with all one's soul
切齿诅咒 grind out an oath
刈割宽度 width of cut
刈幅 swath
刈草机 mowing machine
刈草镰 edging-iron
cut down
刊刻 cut blocks
刊印 set up and print
刊头 masthead of newspaper
刊布 announce or make public thro...
刊授学校 school offering through peri...
刊本 edition
刊物 publication
刊登 publish
刊登广告 print an advertisement
刊碑立石 carve and set up stone table...
刊行 print and publish
刊误 correct errors in printing
刊谬 correct errors
刊载 publish
刍晓 Chu Xiao
刍秣 fodder
刍荛 cut grass and firewood one w...
刍荛之言 my superficial remarks
刍议 my humble opinion
cut one's throat
刎颈之交 Damon and Pythias
刎颈自尽 cut one's own throat
刎颈自戮 commit suicide by cutting on...
刑事 criminal
刑事侦察 criminal investigation
刑事制裁 penal sanction
刑事处分 criminal sanction
刑事嫌疑犯 criminal suspect
刑事审判 criminal trial
刑事审判庭 criminal adjudication tribun...
刑事案件 criminal case
刑事法庭 criminal court
刑事犯 criminal offender
刑事犯罪 criminal offense
刑事管辖权 criminal jurisdiction
刑事管辖的豁免 exemption from criminal juri...
刑事罪 criminal charge
刑事罪犯 prisoner at the bar
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