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切碎火腿 mince ham
切磋 learn from each other by exc...
切磋球艺 swap pointers
切磋琢磨 carve and polish -- learn fr...
切线 tangent
切肉 slice meat
切肤之痛 keenly felt pain
切脉 feel the pulse vein
切脉听诊 feel one's pulse and listen ...
切腹自杀 happy dispatch
切莫宽纵自己 Never be so self-indulgent.
切莫慢待朋友 Never treat your friend disc...
切莫见怪 Do not take it ill.
切莫见难而止 Never boggle at a difficulty...
切菜 cut up vegetables
切菜板 chopping block
切葱头辣眼睛 When you slice an onion,it m...
切补修复 excision repair
切要 essential
切记 be sure to keep in mind
切记吩咐你的事 Mind what you're told.
切诊 pulse feeling and palpation
切身 of immediate concern to ones...
切身之痛 the pain of cutting one's bo...
切身体会 personal understandings
切身利益 one's immediate or vital int...
切身的问题 problems of immediate concer...
切边 scrap edge
切边剪 end trimming shears
切边工 featherer
切边机 bead cutter
切近 be close to
切问而近思 inquiring with earnestness a...
切除 excision
切除扁桃腺 removal of tonsils
切除甲状腺 removal of thyroid gland
切除脂肪瘤 the resection of a lipoma
切除脑瘤 remove a brain tumor
切除阑尾 resection of appendix
切面 cut noodles
切题 keep to the point
切骨之仇 hate to the very marrow of o...
切骨痛恨 hate with particular venom
切齿 gear cutting
切齿之仇 bitter hatred that makes one...
切齿之恨 grinding hatred
切齿刀 gear cutter
切齿忍受 grin and bear it
切齿机 gear cutter
切齿痛恨 hate with gnashing teeth
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