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儒将 a general who is an equally ...
儒教 Confucianism
儒林 the scholars' circle
儒生 Confucian scholar
儒略历 Julian calendar
儒艮 dugong
儒门事亲 Confucian's Duties to Their ...
儒雅 learned and refined
儗同 "拟"
儵同 "倏"
儽儽 haggard
儿不嫌母丑 A mother never looks ugly to...
儿化 suffixation of a nonsyllabic...
儿啼 children cry
儿女 sons and daughters
儿女们都认为应当孝敬父母 The sons and daughters all c...
儿女情长 be immersed in love
儿女私情 love affair between man and ...
儿女都已长大成人 The children have all grown ...
儿媳妇 daughter-in-law
儿子 son
儿子现在享有了他父亲的大片地产 The son now has the enjoymen...
儿子的模样像父亲 The son takes after his fath...
儿孙 children and grandchildren
儿孙满堂 have children and grandchild...
儿戏 trifling matter
儿歌 children's song
儿皇帝 puppet emperor
儿科 paediatrics
儿科医生 pediatrician
儿科学 pediatrics
儿科学家 pediatrician
儿科心理学 pediatric psychology
儿科护理 pediatric nursing
儿科病史 pediatric history
儿科病症 child disease
儿科病预防学 preventive pediatrics
儿科症状 symptoms of child disease
儿童 children
儿童个性问卷 children personality questio...
儿童中心教育 child-centered education
儿童乐园 children's playground
儿童保健服务机构 child health services
儿童保健费 health subsidies to children
儿童保育事业 child care
儿童公园 children park
儿童医院 children's hospital
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