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分门别类 classify
分队 a troop unit corresponding t...
分阴当惜 Even a second must not be wa...
分阶段 by stages
分阶段撤军 phased troop withdrawal
分隔 separate
分项 subitem
分项列出 itemize
分项数字 breakdown
分频 frequency division
分题 sub title
分馏 fractional distilation
分馏柱 still
分馏柱塔板 stripper plate
分龄 age-group
切不可作任何损人利己的事 Never do anything to your pr...
切不可由于阋墙之祸而忘了共同对敌的决心 One should never owing to in...
切不可自以为是 One should never be presumpt...
切丝 cut into shreds
切丝机 filament cutter
切中 hit
切中时弊 cutting into the present-day...
切中肯要 apposite
切中要害 hit the mark
切伤 cut wound
切切 be absolutely sure to
切切不可过份 be sure not go too far
切切不可骄傲 Be sure not to become concei...
切切如令 This order is to be strictly...
切切实实 make a determined effort
切切实实地工作 do one's job conscientiously
切切此布 This proclamation is hereby ...
切切私语 talk in whispers
切切絮语 engage in a low-keyed contin...
切切请求 earnestly request
切削 cutting
切前刃 cutting edge
切割 slicing
切割值 cut value
切割器 sickle
切割线 line of cut
切割面 cut surface
切力 shearing force
切勿 be sure not to
切勿倒置 do not turn over
切勿压挤 do not crush
切勿受潮 keep dry
切勿听信谣言 Don't believe rumours.
切勿坠落 do not drop
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