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僭越 overstep one's authority
a surname
僮尹 Tong Yin
an aboriginal tribe in South...
僵住症 catalepsy
僵住症患者 cataleptic
僵化 become rigid
僵化现象 mummification
僵化的经济体制 rigid economic structure
僵卧 lie stiff and motionless
僵尸 corpse
僵局 deadlock
僵持 refuse to budge
僵持不下 ended in a deadlock
僵死 dead
僵烧 dead burning
僵烧法 dead-roast
僵直 spasticity
僵直症 catalepsy
僵石 loess doll
僵硬 stiff
僵硬态度 rigid attitude
僵硬性 stiffness
僵硬的公式 a rigid formula
僵粘土 stiff clay
僻地港 out port
僻地港附加费 out port surcharge
僻壤 an out-of-the-way place
僻处一隅 live in a remote corner ecce...
僻字 a rare word
僻巷 side-lane
僻路 byway
僻陋 secluded and desolate
僻静 secluded
僻静的地方 a secluded place
僻静的街道 a quiet street
僽见 "僝僽"
a surname
儋县 Danxian
儋翩 Dan Pian
pray for plagiarize
儒光 Ru Guang
儒家 the Confucian School
儒家教育思想 educational thoughts of Conf...
切勿干燥 keep wet
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