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像簿纸 album paper
像老虎钳一样夹紧某物 get a vice-like grip on sth.
像苦胆一样苦 as bitter as gall
像落汤鸡 like a drenched chicken
像角 image angle
像话 reasonable
像豆粒一样大 the size of a bean
像赞 an inscription eulogizing th...
像这样翻天覆地的变化一定会产生深远的影响 Such an earthshaking change ...
像金子一样贵重 as precious as gold
像雪似的那么白 as white as snow
像雪那样白 as white as snow
像骡子一样顽固 as stubborn as a mule
僖负羁 Xi Fuji
僚佐 assistants in a government o...
僚名 official
僚属 officials under sb. in autho...
僚属星散 The official associates were...
僚机 wing plane
僚机飞行员 wingman
僚泰 Liao Tai
僚舰 consort
僝僽 wan and sallow
僦屋 rent a room or house
僦贷季 Jiu Daiji
Buddhist monk
僧伽罗语 Sinhalese
僧侣 monks and priests
僧侣主义 fideism
僧侣政治 theocracy
僧侣统治 hierarchy
僧侣集团 theocracy
僧俗 monks and laymen
僧信诚 Seng Xincheng
僧多粥少 There are too many monks and...
僧寮 a monk's cell
僧尼 Buddhist monks and nuns
僧帽水母 Portuguese man-of-war
僧帽瓣 mitral valve
僧徒 Buddhist monks
僧衣 mafors
僧袍 frock
僧院 Buddhist temple
僧面猴 monkey saki
僧鞋 monk shoe
僬侥 dwarf
overstep one's authority
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