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一亲芳泽 approach a woman
一人一票 one man one vote
一人不抵二智 Two heads are better than on...
一人之交 be on as close terms as one ...
一人做事一人当 One should answer for what h...
一人操作 one man operation
一人数职 One man holds many posts con...
一人独吞 I and I alone will take ever...
一人难如千人意 One man can hardly meet the ...
一人顶两 One can do the work of two.
一介书生 be nothing but a scholar
一介寒儒 a poor scholar
一介武夫 a military man of integrity
一仍其旧 remain the same
一仍旧贯 Let things remain the same.
一付严肃的面孔 a dignified appearance
一代 generation
一代名儒 a scholar of no equal of his...
一代天骄 a proud Son of Heaven
一代宗匠 a great respected master
一代新人 a new generation
一代更比一代强 Each generation surpasses th...
一代诗宗 an outstanding figure among ...
一令 a ream
一令印刷纸 a printer's ream
一以抵十 One fights against ten.
一以抵百 be a match for a hundred men
一以贯之 One principle runs through i...
一件 a piece of
一件了不得的大事 a matter of the utmost impor...
一件事 a matter
一件事情的前前后后 the ins and outs of a matter
一件家具 a piece of furniture
一件小事可以触发一场大战 Some slight incident may tou...
一件工作 a piece of work
一件精细的绣品 a fine piece of embroidery
一件紧身女内衣 body stocking
一件衬衫 a shirt
一任 allow
一份 a part
一份儿礼 a gift
一份儿饭 a set of meal
一份报纸 a copy of a newspaper
一份非常简明扼要的报告 a remarkable concise report
一伙 a gang of
一伙匪徒 a gang of gangsters
一伙强盗 a band of robbers
一伙披着马列主义外衣的政治骗子 a bunch of political swindle...
一会儿 a little while
一会儿就回来 I won't be long.
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