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backward integration in Chinese

How to pronounce "backward integration"Use "backward integration" in a sentence
  • 后向垂直一体化
  • 后向合并
  • 后向一体化
  • 后向整合
  • 逆向合并
  • 逆向一体化
  • 向后兼并
  • The final condition is : the development strategies of justit is backward integration , diversification strategies and market development
  • The deep - stall characteristics of different aircraft configurations are analyzed with bifurcation analysis methods , and the convergence regions of a deep - stall attractor are constructed with backward integration techniques
  • The types of marketing channels , the number of specialized intermediaries involved therein , the diversity of food products , the types of tools and media employed in selling the same , and the feedback loops developed among food marketers , food processors , and food producers including backward integration suggest strongly that to properly analyze and interpret agriculture we would do well do to adopt the
  • How to creat advantages and make further development in the new worldwide competitive environment becomes the most important issue to be worked out . on the basis of analysis and prediction , the author presents the strategic position and objective of the cate ( amphenol - tuchele electronics gmbh operation china branch ) by means of swot analysis . in addition , cost leadership , backward integration and concentric diversification strategy are put forward
    本文首先对企业战略研究的理论进行了简单的介绍,然后对安费诺?图赫尔中国公司(简称cate )的宏观政策环境、行业状况及企业现状进行了分析,在根据分析、预测结果及swot分析的基础上,提出了安费诺?图赫中国公司( cate )的战略定位和目标、成本领先战略、产品后向一体化及产品多元化战略。
  • The complex nonlinear pursuit - evasion model of two spacecraft in near - earth coplanar orbit is simplified to linear model , the circular region the radius of which is equal to capture radius is defined as target set , capture is achieved when the evader come into the target set and the game is over ; the boundary of useable part ( bup ) is determined , and the analytical form solution of the linear equations is obtained by backward integration of the state variables from the bup , the linear barrier of the pursuit - evasion model and the optimum thrust of the both sides are thus obtained
  • Firstly , the paper expatiates the methods and contents of swot analysis . next , it analyzes the exterior circumstances and interior factors of zsgcl , in particular , the interior strengths & weaknesses and the exterior opportunities & threats . lastly , combining its practical situation and applying swot analysis theory , it brings forward a series of countermeasures including new product developing , capital operation and backward integration to provide a brand - new clew for its development
  • In this paper , the author firstly introduces the theory of enterprise strategy , and then analyzes the macro - policy environment , the coke industry condition and the coke enterprise situation . on the basis of the analysis and the prediction , the author presents the strategic position and objective of the chang zhou factory of coke and chemicals by means of swot analysis . in addition , cost leadership , backward integration and concentric diversification strategy of partial expansion , and the market - oriented strategy are put forward
  • This paper puts the value chain theory , which was founded by professor michael e ? porter , in the analysis of the value added activities of foreign trade companies , and puts forward three ways to remodel the value chain : value chain forward integration , backward integration and vertical integration . at the same time , the paper cites three representative instances to demonstrate the detail measurements foreign trade companies should use under different conditions
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