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b-cell in Chinese

How to pronounce "b-cell""b-cell" in a sentence"b-cell" meaning
  • cell]b细胞
  • 骨髓产生细胞
  • Clinical and survival analysis of primary intestinal diffuse large b - cell non - hodgkin ' s lymphoma
  • Clinical analysis of rituximab combined with chemotherapy in treating aggressive b - cell non - hodgkin ' s lymphoma
  • Dendritic cel1s ( dcs ) are highly potent anigenpresenting cells of bone marrow origin that can stbolate both primary and secondary t - and b - cell responses
    Dc是唯一能够激活初始型t细胞的apc ,具有激活移植排斥反应的作用。
  • Zhu p , lin nj , zx , et al . elicited immune response against b - cell lymphoma by mixed immunoglobulin fragments . blood , 2002 , 12 ( suppl ) : 2435
    林宁晶,朱平,张野坪,等.组合免疫球蛋白基因疫苗诱发小鼠抗淋巴瘤体液免疫反应.中华医学杂志, 2002 , 82 : 766 - 770
  • Primary laryngeal lymphoma is uaually b - cell type and locates at supraglotticarea , especially at aryepiglottic fold , with intact and nonulcerative overlying musosa
  • The enteropathy shown here has loss of crypts , increased mitotic activity , loss of brush border , and infiltration with lymphocytes and plasma cells ( b - cells sensitized to gliaden )
    这里显示这种肠病缺乏腺管、有丝分裂活跃、刷状缘消失,伴有淋巴细胞和浆细胞浸润( b细胞对麦胶敏感) 。
  • Antibodies are generated from the cutting and splicing of immunoglobulin genes early in b - cell development , and have the potential to develop strong and highly specific affinity for different pathogens
  • It still remains a question whether the rearrangements of igh come from h / rs cell or the background lymphocytes . in this study , we have detected the igh clonal correlation between the h / rs cells and the background cells , from a new aspect to study the clonality of h / rs cell and its relation with the background cells . the expression of b - cell - specific activator protein ( bsap ) was detected in hl . igh gene rearrangements were analysed by the methods including gene analysis in neoplasms tissue and micropicked cells from paraffin - embedded sections , sequencing to test the pcr product , and in situ pcr
    本研究将在以往研究的基础上,在国内率先把b细胞核反式作用因子? b细胞特异性激活蛋白( b - cell - specificactivatorprotein , bsap )应用于hl的研究,检测hl的bsap表达,并采用石蜡刮片组织和微切割单细胞的基因分析、测序分析和间接原位pcr等方法,同步观察分析h rs和背景淋巴细胞的igh基因克隆相关性,从又一个新视角探究chl的肿瘤性h rs细胞克隆性及与背景淋巴细胞的关系。
  • This modification includes : ( 1 ) selecting two important molecules as candidates , ( 2 ) choosing a promiscuous t - cell epitope , and two b - cell epitopes or conserved amino acid sequences from the two important molecules , ( 3 ) connecting them adequately through analysis by the molecule designing software . therefore , the synthetic new antigen may interfere with the process of fertilization by multiple ways and its contraceptive effects may be enhancing . based on the molecule designing methods , the b - lymphocyte cell epitope of sperm / testis specific protein sp17 and cyritestin which interfere with fertilization in mouse , as well as the promiscuous th cell epitope of the ribonuclease ( rnase ) in bovine were selected
    本研究以蛋白质分子设计的理论和方法研究避孕疫苗,将sp17和cyritestin关键表位和牛核糖核酸酶非选择性th细胞表位合理组合,获得新抗原- 35肽序列;并在合成、纯化后分别与弗氏佐剂、免疫刺激复合物( iscoms )混合后免疫不同遗传背景的雌性小鼠,观察血清和生殖道内的特异性抗体滴度的动态变化、生育力的改变以及免疫后小鼠重要脏器的组织病理学改变:以及在ivf下,新抗原的特异性抗血清对精卵相互作用的影响及抗原在精子表面的特异性定位。
  • Objective the origin and the nature of the hodgkin and reed - sternberg ( h / rs ) cell of hodgkin ' s lymphoma ( hl ) has been attracting a lot of medical researchers engaged in studying it , for its character by scattered large atypical cells residing in a complex admixture of inflammatory cells . great improvement has been made since a new method of isolation of single h / rs cells from a frozen section had been set up by kuppers in 1994 , and many studies have approved of the b - cell derivation of h / rs cell . lt has been reported that h / r - s cells might partly be originated from b - cell in our research before , but at the same time , we also found that only 18 . 8 % of h / rs cells express cd20 , 31 . 3 % of immunoglobulin heavy chain ( igh ) rearrangement have been revealed
    目的霍奇金淋巴瘤( hodgkin ' slymphoma , hl )由于它的恶性肿瘤细胞? h rs细胞一般只占肿瘤组织的极少部分(不到1 ) ,且散在分布在背景细胞间,因此对于h rs细胞的来源和性质研究一直是人们探索的目标。 1994年德国科隆大学k ppers等发展了一种从冰冻组织切片上用显微操作仪挑取单个h rs细胞的显微切割方法进行h rs细胞基因分析后,人们对h rs细胞来源的研究有了突破性的进展,多数支持b细胞来源。我们的前期研究也支持部分h rs细胞为b细胞来源,但我们发现只有18 . 8的h rs细胞表达cd20 , 31 . 3的hl检测到igh基因重排克隆性条带。
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