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论证过程 meaning in English

How to pronounce "论证过程"Use "论证过程" in a sentence
  • process of argumentation
  • In the context , the author put forward his own opinions about related problems on base of comprehensive examination over various points of view
  • The above are the three parts of the thesis , they answer the three questions : why , what they are and how to do repectively . at the same time , they lead the procedure of demonstration into depth
    以上是正文的三大部分,他们分别回答了“为什么” , “是什么”和“怎么做”这三大块的问题,同时也将论证过程引向深入。
  • During the study the author use the literature technique , inquiry technique and graphology to sum up the reading instruction rules from reading practice . and these rules can instruct the reading instruction in a real sense
  • The specific objects of civil protest system supervision are discussed in the paper , the objects of civil protest supervision are the civil procedure , which includes the visible juridiction process and the invisible argument process
    民事抗诉监督的对象是法院的民事诉讼程序,而程序包括有形的审理过程和无形的论证过程。 1 、对有形的审理过程的监督主要包括对审判组织的监督、对开庭审理的监督。
  • The reasoning is simple enough : a business that deliberately offers shoddy service or uncompetitive prices to some customers , or that turns down smart minority applicants in favour of less - qualified white male applicants , is throwing money away
  • The precondition , argumentation and theoretical purpose of the former have serious defect ; though the latter offers a methodological guidance for objectively understanding the real life , its reasoning needs to be deepened and its conclusion needs to be developed and discarded
  • In the concrete demonstrating process , the writer starts from the inside economic meaning of industry and industrial structure and put emphasis on the correlation between the industrial structure optimization and regional economic development , then we get an apprehensive , systemic and objective conclusion on the western region ' s industrial structure adjustment goal - - exerting the regional compare competitiveness , paying attention to interactional and unitary relationship of the whole region ' s industry , achievement of upgrading industrial level , to provide a complete theoretical basis for the western region ' s industry structure adjustment
    在具体论证过程中,本文基于产业及产业结构的经济内涵,从产业结构优化与区域经济发展的相互促进角度出发,系统、全面、客观提出西部地区产业结构调整及优化的一般目标? ?发挥地区区域比较优势、注重区内产业结构的整体性与系统性、实现产业结构的先进性,为进一步论证西部地区产业结构调整提出了较完备的理论基础。
  • The specialty and innovation of this paper lies in : l . the main method is quantitative resolution and analysis , the supplemental method is qualitative analysis and theoretic expatiation , and the process of demonstrate and result is much definitive ; 2 . the conception of successive industry investment was set forth , and the model of investment portion was set up ; 3 . 1 have built the index system of investment structure of regional industry ; moreover , i have used three synthetic evaluated models to contrast the effort
    以数量解析和定量分析为主,以定性分析和理论阐述为辅,论证过程及结果明确; 2建立了区域产业投资结构评价指标体系,并用三种综合评价模型进行了对比论证分析; 3提出了产业连续投资的概念,建立了投资分配比例模型。
  • The concepts of project and project management are first explained . second , the planned management and enforcement control management of scope , time , quality , resources , and expenses of a project are clearly illustrated and analyzed . then we use this theory to analyze the real estate project " baoji island "
  • The article is on the basis of studying a mass of german original documentations , meticulous sorting and introducing strict logic deduction process of feuerbach ’ s “ theory of psychological compulsion ” : following feuerbach logical ideology , it begins with the concept of “ civil penalty ” , and analyzes that penalty is distinct from disciplinary and defence , civil penalty is different from the moral penalty , and then gradually deeply analyzes on the “ psychological compulsion ” , “ legal deterrence ” and “ determined penalties absolutely ” ideology and so on , and successively excludes or rejects “ physical compulsion ” and “ moral education ” , “ judicial deterrence ” means or methods . they were developed deeply and connected each other . on this basis of the process feuerbach ’ s “ theory of psychological compulsion ” logic deduction process is relatively completely on the face of the reader
    本文在参阅大量德语原版文献资料的基础上,对费氏“心理强制说”严密的逻辑论证过程进行了细致的梳理和介绍:顺着费尔巴哈的逻辑思路,从“刑罚”和“市民刑罚”的概念入手,分析了刑罚与惩戒、防卫以及市民刑罚与道德刑罚的区别,然后逐步深入分析阐述了“心理强制” 、 “法律威慑”以及“确定的刑罚法规绝对”等思想,并先后排除、否定了“物理强制” 、 “道德教育” 、 “司法威慑”等手段或者方式,层层递进、环环相扣,在此基础上将费氏“心理强制说”的逻辑论证过程比较完整地呈现在读者面前。
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