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技术性壁垒 meaning in English

How to pronounce "技术性壁垒"Use "技术性壁垒" in a sentence
  • technical barrier
  • Applied as the technological barrier in international trade , the achievement of three rs plays an important role in national economical development
    同时, 3rs研究成果在国际贸易中作为技术性壁垒,对国家经济发展起着至关重要的作用。
  • Now , various technical barriers to trade ( tbt ) , especially the green barriers , have become the noticeable focus and probably will be the most important and easiest disputed trade safeguard in world trade in the future
  • At present , with the significant increase of friction in international trading , the friction has spread from the traditional market to the newly emerging market with three new tendencies - antidumping , implementation of protective measures , and the occurrence of technical barriers
  • The barriers that influence the hotel groups " growing are studied which are institutional barrier , capital barrier , and technological barrier and management barrier . the significance is to make it clear what are the problems we have to overcome
  • Domestic enterprises have few knowledge about the technical standards and laws which are going to constitute , constituting or have already taken effect in import countries , so they are slow in reaction to avoid tbt , even miss the opportunity to do this . so it ’ s an urgent task to build an early warning and alert system to collect and track foreign tbt dynamics . this system will promote enterprises ’ ability to find the potential tbt warning much earlier , so that the loss can be decreased to the least
  • Thanks to the special influence of sps measures on international trade , it has increasingly mutated from the original protective measures on life and health to trade protective measures popularly adopted by nations worldwide and has become one of the most prevailing technical barriers in international trade nowadays
  • Brand marketing is favourable for product division and market segmentation on international markets with intensiv e competition , in order to satisfy consumers " diversified demands . to realize sustainable development of economy and break through technological barriers represented by " green barrier " in international trade , green marketing of agricultural products has to be carried out . in the face of globalized markets and supported by the modem information technology and means , only network marketing of agricultural products can break through the regional limits of traditional marketing and form a global activity
    由于我国已成功加入wto ,意味着我国农业将融入经济一体化的全球市场,实施品牌营销有利于在竞争激烈的国际市场中区隔产品,细分市场,满足消费者多样化需求;为了实现经济的可持续发展,打破国际贸易中以“绿色壁垒”为代表的技术性壁垒必须推行农产品绿色营销;面对全球化大市场,在现代信息技术和手段支持下,开展农产品网络营销才能打破传统营销活动的地域局限形成一种全球性活动。
  • With the rapid development of the world economy , especially since china ' s wto accession four years , the new international trade protectionism , technical inspection and quarantine barriers are made by the inspection and quarantine work great test . how to break the technical barriers , theoretically reflected in national policy formulation and adjustment of production enterprises to improve technology , but in fact they are reflected in the import and export commodities inspection and quarantine system , management , technology applications , and other sectors
    随着世界经济的迅猛发展,尤其是我国加入wto四年多以来,国际新贸易保护主义的抬头,技术性检验检疫壁垒层出不穷,对我国的工农业产品的出口形成一种无形的屏障,造成很大的损失,也使我国检验检疫工作受到了极大的考验, 。我国该如何突破技术性壁垒,理论上体现在国家政策的制定和调整,生产企业技术的提高上,但实际上却反映在进出口商品检验检疫制度、管理、技术应用等环节上。
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