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多方面分析 meaning in English

How to pronounce "多方面分析"Use "多方面分析" in a sentence
  • multianalysis
  • Chapter two analyses the causes of current rural group events from many aspects
  • Piling deviation has always been crucial for quality control of pile foundation engineering of piled wharves . the causes of piling deviation is analyzed and feasible deviation - correcting measures are provided
  • As the errors of english translation of names in public places emerge in an endless stream and the academic criticism is almost of no avail , the author analyzes the causes of the problem from various directions and gives some suggestions to improve the situation
  • Certainly , the nephrite craft determines it is comprehensive , seeing a piece of malachite want the analysis in many aspects , it is in a certain respect not to be simple , if a price of very small white jade is higher than its big much price of the sapphire
  • Whether the seeding absence alarm device works well or not is mainly decided by anti - dust condition of seeding absence monitoring sensor . it had been analyzed the factors affecting the anti - dust performance of optoelectronic sensor . double - way laser reverse direction sensor has been made ( anti - dust index access to 0 . 95 , while the index of the led only reach 0 . 5 around )
    本研究从器件、结构、放大电路等多方面分析了影响光电传感器抗尘性能的因素,制作了双路激光逆向直射传感器(根据本文提出的量化方案抗尘指数可达0 . 95 ,一般led光电传感器为0 . 5左右) 。
  • By normative analysis and positive analysis , quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis , this paper researched and appraised the international co mpetitive power of china ' s textile industry from various angles , analyzed the factors affecting the international competitive power of china ' s textile industry , at last , the author gave some advice on improving the international competitive power of china ' s textile industry
  • Based on the above , this paper analyzes water resource present situation through lateral comparison and longitudinal study of water resource ownership and water right and their relationship in every country and orientates water right to new usage and benefit right in civil law . the paper analyzes legislative conception and value pursue of water right system in many ways , boldly leads economy methodology into water right system , successfully mixed environmental ecology with environmental ethics theory , critically refers to som e domestic and international advanced conception of water right system . the paper initially probes into water resource market pattern , water right trading rule , types , contents and getting methods of water right to reconstruct domestic water right system
  • With the theory of social level structure , obstacles and resistance against theoretical innovation can be analyzed from various angles and aspects while inner conflict exists between traditional social level structure and spirit of theoretical innovation , which is one of the main obstacles that will affect theoretical innovation
  • So the only way for agricultural development is structural adjustment . under the theory of structure economy growing , the theory duality economy structure and the law of the industry structure evolution mainly , this paper , firstly , analyzes the characteristics of evolution and current situation of hubei province ' s agricultural industry structure including the evolving better , singleness , facing crisis , by stage , lack of power , crop ' s development setting back the evolution , asymmetry - structure between the production value and output , the similar structure with the whole nation and the peripheral provinces , and so on
  • From different sides such as troops establishment reformation , digitalized army establishment , appearance of new technology , new equipment , new material , etc . . the paper analyzes the situation faced with arms development and current situation of external suppression weapon , summarizes and analyzes the development trend of suppression weapon , concludes and abstracts six ways of development trends of fire control system as message integration , system modularization , system architecture subsection , function integration , fire control firing control closed loop and rapid and real - time resolving to realize accuracy , rapid , coordinated integrated weapon control
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