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多孔径 meaning in English

How to pronounce "多孔径""多孔径" in a sentence
  • aperture multiple
  • aperture, multiple
  • Based on the fast algorithm , echo from multi - aperture is simulated
  • It is important significance to apply this theory and technology to improve precise of tem data and resolving power
  • The main purpose of this paper is obtaining conclusion by via of experiment , because it have not report about multi - aperture tem technology so far
  • 4 . the dissertation studies in - depth the multi - aperture sar mtdi based on along - track interferometry ( ati ) . it presents and describes the detecting processing in sar image domain using double apertures and analyzes the influence of all kinds of factors including ground clutter , noise , signal - to - clutter , range velocity , multi - look processing and etc on the detection performance
    4 、深入研究了基于沿迹干涉衅1 )技术的多孔径sar系统地面动目标检测和成像方法,给出了采用ati方法对两幅sar复图像进行慢速目标检测的完整过程,详细分析了各种因素如杂波、噪声、目标信杂比、目标速度及多视处理等对检测性能的影响,并通过大量的仿真给予验证。
  • The second chapter is about model experiment study , it introduces purpose , scheme , equipment and experiment contents having copperplate and copper ball as object by comparability rule experimenting plenty of physical models , deals with experiment data and makes second field attenuation voltage curves first field isoline both single aperture and mutli - aperture in different situation . in the end , it obtains best depth of multi - aperture source
  • It can match multi - channels transient electromagnetic apparatus if this method comes true , further , connect data collection technology with imaging software system . in conclusion , it will immit new energy for exploration means of transient electromagnetic method , moreover its production will in practically have great significance to tem applying and generalizing
  • Applying the standard gaussian beam abcd matrix propagation theory , the parameters selection and the corresponding performances of a laser - guide - star emission system are presented theoretically . in received system , the light route matching problems of the micro - lens array and ccd , collimating lens are considered . the performances of seven - aperture and multi - aperture lens arrays are measured by he - ne laser beam
    采用高斯光束标准abcd传输矩阵理论设计了发射系统参数,讨论了不同参数的微透镜阵列和准直透镜、 ccd的光路匹配问题,并用he - ne激光束检测了七孔径和多孔径透镜阵列的工作性能。
  • According to practice of transient electromagnetic operators , this paper will introduce a new multi - aperture transient electromagnetic method integrating a lot of simulation experiment data on the base of its primary theory and transmission rule . in the end , result shows this new method can improve so much direction of electromagnetic field that it increases lognitudinal resolving power
  • Muti - aperture overlap - scanning technique ( maost ) and target function can solve the problem of testing a large optical surface on the basis of ordinary digital interferometer of wavefront , and get the most information of wavefront in the end in the condition of big kr , muti - aperture overlap - scanning technique ( maost ) using target function is proved and we can get the most information of wavefront in the case of guarantee of high precision by the aid of simulation , experimental and tests , many influential factors , i . e . , the apertureconnection mode , shape of mirror , error in subaperture test and kr are analysed contribute to controlling and testing large optical surface
    本文首先在较大孔径放大系数( 4 )的情况下,论证了目标函数多孔径拼接技术,保证了较高的精度,得到较完整的波前信息。然后,结合实验结果,从拼接模式、被测面形、测量误差、数字干涉仪分辨率和不同孔径放大系数等角度出发,分析了各种因素对精度的影响,并详尽的探讨了各种误差源,包括静态误差、动态误差、拟合误差、拼接误差。
  • Then we introduce the character of the atmosphere channel , which we emphasized on the atmosphere scatter , absorption and scintillation ' s effect on the laser beam . in chapter , we explain why we used cassegrain telescope to collect the optical signal at first , then the lightsource , detector , front amplifier used in optical communication has been compared to that of fiber communication , the noise including shot noise , thermal noise and background light noise has been explained here for analysis the snr and ber in the next section
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