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商业银行法 meaning in English

How to pronounce "商业银行法"Use "商业银行法" in a sentence
  • law of commercial banks
  • Commercial bank act of norway
  • But our commercial bank law has stipulated clearly that our commercial banks " operation model is separating - operation and specialized supervision
    然而我国的《商业银行法》明确规定了我国现行的商业银行经营模式是“分业经营,分业监管” 。
  • Since 1993 , especially the promulgation of commercial bank act 1995 , china has carried out the strict separation operation of commercial bank and security corp
  • To avoid the forbidden articles of commercial bank law , amc acts as the medium . so this policy goes two steps , the first step is debt - to - debt ; the second step is debt - to - stock
  • Its registered capital after such decrease shall not be lower than the minimum registered capital amount required for a commercial bank set forth by the commercial bank law and the cbrc , and such decrease shall be handled in accordance with the company law , the commercial bank law , other related provisions and its articles of association
    本行减少注册资本,不得低于《商业银行法》和中国银监会规定的商业银行注册资本最低限额,并应按照《公司法》 、 《商业银行法》以及其他有关规定和本行章程规定的程序办理。
  • There are conflicts and contradiction between " swaps of debt to equity " and law of company , law of guaranty , law of bond and so on . we can only exterminate those conflicts , perfect related laws , regulations and establish a better juristic environment , then we can turn debt into equity , successfully avoid risk and achieve settled aim . i think , " swaps of debt to equity " may be achieved from six aspects : first , affirming the position of capital - controlling company
    “债转股”与现行的《商业银行法》 、 《公司法》 、 《担保法》 、 《合同法》 、 《证券法》等法律、法规都存在着一些矛盾和冲突,只有不断化解这些矛盾,完善相关的法律、法规,创造一个良好的法律环境, “债转股”才能顺利实施,并成功化解风险、达到预期的目的。
  • About system of supervision organizations , on the basis of dialectical law of regulation - - - innovation - - - regulation , function - based financial supervision system should be built up and the national financial supervision bureau should be set up to regulate financial trade uniformly and solve the problem of supervising financial innovations . what " more , we should build up such a cubical financial supervision organization system that integrate the financial authority " supervision with financial trade self - discipline , social supervision and discipline of inner financial institutions . at the same time , we should organically integrate stability and flexibility of financial supervision law , change legal system of financial supervision in line with provisions of wto
    在立法价值取向上,应当重视金融监管法的效率价值,以维护金融秩序作为基本价值目标,在具体操作上重点突出促进金融业公平竞争、提升金融运行效率两个价值目标,并保持各目标之间的平衡与协调;在监管体制上,根据“监管? ?创新? ?再监管”的辩证规律,建立功能型金融监管体制,成立银行业监督管理委员会,组建国家金融监管局对金融业实行统一监管,妥善解决混业经营模式下金融创新的监管问题,形成国家管理机关监管、行业自律、金融机构自律和社会监督相结合的立体的金融监管组织体系;在监管法律体系上,应有机结合金融监管法的稳定性和灵活性,按wto的要求变革金融监管法律制度,修改《商业银行法》 、 《保险法》 、 《证券法》及其他不适应混业经营的法律、法规,建立健全有关金融控股公司、网络银行等方面的法律、法规。
  • Chapter three is given some advices on how to institute banking insolvency law system in china , which refers to the purpose and principle of legislation , institute a special , extensive and systemic bank insolvency law regime in our country . chapter four , five , six and seven , is main body of this paper
  • Article 2 internal control shall mean the dynamic process and mechanism under which the commercial bank formulates and implements a series of bylaws , procedures and methods for beforehand prevention , in - process control , after - the - event supervision and correction of risks for the purpose realizing the business objective
    第一条为促进商业银行建立和健全内部控制,防范金融风险,保障银行体系安全稳健运行,依据《中华人民共和国银行业监督管理法》 、 《中华人民共和国商业银行法》等法律规定和银行审慎监管要求,制定本指引。
  • Second , investing the proceeds from issuing rmb yuan 270 billion special treasury bonds as equity in four major state - owned commercial banks to raise their capital adequacy ratios to 8 % , as required by the basel agreement and china ' s commercial bank law , thereby further strengthening their risk - prevention capacity
    第二,发行2700亿元特种国债用于补充国有独资商业银行资本金,以使其资本充足率达到巴塞尔协议和我国商业银行法要求的8 %的水平,从而进一步增强金融机构防范金融风险的能力。
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