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双重特性 meaning in English

How to pronounce "双重特性"Use "双重特性" in a sentence
  • double grading
  • dual nature
  • Technologies that predate mainstream web services offer a dual nature in the way they fit into frameworks
  • Resistant varieties of wheat have been crossed with high yield wheat to combine these properties
  • Hanxia powder , a kind of pure high - contented protein powder , has dual characteristics of shrimp - type food and milk product
  • Appellation ten has a dual characteristic of stability and changeability , capable of embodying the of the times , having very strong social value deserving attention
  • Smart structures have attracted more and more attention due to their dual properties of conventional composite structures and of functional composite structures , and are applying or to be applied in some fields such as aeronautics & astronautics , national defense , architecture , medicine
  • Because of having characteristics of both high - tech and service , internet service suppliers find little mature system , which can be used without major revision . this paper tries to establish a new system of salary distribution and its achievement - benefit evaluation system for it companies
  • House industry is expand and bring the relate industry to form the industry chain during the construct and using process . the house industry has dual character of investing and consuming . the increment expanding of the main city zone " s house industry improve the resident living condition and assemble the population of the city , to increase the city development speed
  • As analyzed , ( 1 ) the rapd technique is highly sensitive to investigating genetic diversity in t . lepturus and e . muticus . t . lepturus exhibits lower polymorphism and genetic diversity than e . muticus ; ( 2 ) according to the analysis of the partial mitochondrial 16s rrna gene sequences , a very low intraspecific variation and considerably high divergence among species were found , which reveals a dual nature of conservatism and variability in mitochondrial 16s rrna gene ; ( 3 ) five primers generate the species - speeific rapd sites and these sites can be served as the molecular markers for species identification and ( 4 ) it can be proved at dna variation level that t . lepturus and e . muticus are of two species respectively pertainiag to different genera , which supported the nelson taxonomic conclusion
    分析结果表明: ( 1 ) rapd技术研究黄海带鱼和小带鱼的遗传多样性具有较高的灵敏度和检出率,带鱼的多态比例和遗传多态度均较小带鱼的低; ( 2 )线粒体165出凶a基因序列在分析两物种遗传变异时表现出保守和变异的双重特性,种内变异极小而种间较大: ( 3 ) 5个随机引物扩增出种特异的ra卫d带,可作为种间分子鉴定标记; ( 4 )研究证实带鱼和小带鱼是不同属的两个种,从而在分子水平上支持了nelson分类系统的观点。
  • Holonic manufacturing system ( hms ) is a manufacturing system where key elements , such as machines , cells , parts , products , operators and working teams , etc . , are modeled as " manufacturing holons " , which have both " autonomous " and " cooperative " properties
    合弄制造系统hms ( holonicmanufacturingsystem )将制造系统中的机床设备、制造单元、零件、产品、操作人员和工作小组等制造实体都看作为“制造合弄( manufacturingholon ) ” ,它同时具有“自治”和“协作”的双重特性
  • Compared with companies in other industries , the listed media companies have two obvious particularities . firstly , because media industry has dual characteristics of information industry and commonweal , the listed media companies are meeting much stronger government regularity . secondly , because the listed media companies are very weak in operation independence , it becomes more possible for big shareholders to invade the rights of other shareholders , the ownership paradox also comes into being
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