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切实可行的办法 meaning in English

How to pronounce "切实可行的办法"Use "切实可行的办法" in a sentence
  • practical way
  • We have to come up with the practical measure to prevent the air pollution
  • To do this we knew that we must find practical controls over blind economic forces and blindly selfish men
  • Given this , it is critical that you are aware of the expectations , are well prepared and have an assured approach to the examination
  • A practical way to keep this from happening is to add a watermark to all your images , which is your logo or name on a corner somewhere , forcing anyone who takes your graphic to either unwillingly give you credit , or chop off a part of that picture
  • So we should consider seriously those questions : how to accurately value group affairs , how to moderate and resolve the social conflicts and how to adopt useful ways and means to precaution again and reduce group affairs
  • Specially , we have researched the topological relation between ros and the measurement of ros . object - relational database technique is a mature database technique , in the chapter 4 , we have investigated the technology that using relational schema manager spatial objects , and given a general method or strategy
  • This thesis has put forward a policy that the institutions of higher learning should foster an ideal of " value the interests of the talented persons above everything else " , establish the selection for outstanding talents system and combine the introduction of talented personals system and teaching staff . only in this way , can we create favorable conditions to attract outstanding talents , afford some reference material for the personal management of dalian institution of light industry
  • The third , it is a viable way to change state - owned stock to preferred stock that can convert and accumulate . the fourth , company management construction of medium and small company in scale is studied in ownership system mode and employee ' s function and bank ' s function and function of private ownership investor , and draw some conclusions
  • The memory image technology have been taken to open up the mutual failure filter system which is fit to electronic power system to use in reality . the system has many functions and very high performance - price ratio , it can entirely take the place of the traditional awkward single filter system . at the same time we have designed automatically adjusting system of available power by taking use of intelligence fuzzy control theory
  • It selects " technical and economic evaluation of thin - type spunbond nonwoven project " as the graduation thesis , namely it wants through its own research to realize suggested scheme , effectively avoids investment risk and brings the project profit into full play , in the meantime , it comprehensively utilizes the studied theory to approach the new way and new thinking for technical and economic evaluation of the invested project so as to provide a complete feasible way to prove the succeeding project
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