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不同轴 meaning in English

How to pronounce "不同轴"Use "不同轴" in a sentence
  • disalignment
  • misalignment
  • Blocked , scratched , asymmetric clefts , not parallel , not vertical , different axis , etc
  • Unique taper lock design avoids the misalignment problems that are common with traditional taper lock clamps
  • Predictions were made on the ductility of the joint core when shear compression ratio , reinforcement contant and axial force ratio were different
  • By taking axial compression ratio , local angle , stirrup space , the ratio of stirrup and etc . into consideration , the author studies the displacement ductility ratio for speical - shaped columns such as l shape , t shape and t shape
  • Its test specimens are four hollow shear wall of reinforced concrete , which have the different the ratio of shear span to effective depth of section and the ratio of axial compressive force to axial compressive ultimate capacity of section
  • In this thesis , four types of steel beam - rectangular cfst column connections , including normal welded flange plate ( wfp ) connection , bolted flange plate ( bfp ) connection , stiffened end plate ( sep ) connection and double split - tee plate ( dst ) connection , were designed based on the configuration of steel frame connection . total 8 models , 2 models of each kind of connections were tested under low - reversed cyclic loading at the end of cfst columns . the relationships between force and displacement at the end of columns , the relationships between the moment and rotation of the joints , degradations of strength and stiffness , ductility , failure mechanism and failure characteristics of these four connections under different axial - compression ratios were presented
    本文借鉴钢框架节点构造,设计了四种类型矩形钢管混凝土柱与钢梁连接节点,包括常规栓焊( wfp )节点、翼缘全螺栓连接( bfp )节点、双t板连接( dst )节点以及加劲端板连接( sep )节点,进行了四类节点8个模型试件在柱端低周反复荷载作用下的抗震性能试验研究,比较了不同轴压比下节点的滞回性能、强度与刚度退化、延性、破坏机理与破坏特征,主要结论有: 1 、节点的位移滞回曲线与转角滞回曲线为块型分布,没有或略有捏拢现象,耗能能力强; 2 、轴压比对节点滞回曲线有显著影响,全部节点都有显著的刚度退化; 3 、位移与转角骨架曲线在峰值荷载后有较长的水平或下降段,具有良好的延性性能; 4 、从整体抗震性能上看,翼缘全螺栓连接节点、双t板连接与加劲端板连接节点都优于常规栓焊节点,可在实际工程中加以推广。
  • To analyze the seismic behavior of the lattice type src members , look for a section patterns which is not only safety but also economic , in this paper , a experiment of seismic behavior about nine truss type src columns and three rc columns which strength , steel requirements and axial load are different , the deformation capacity and failure patterns are observed , and the hysteretic cycle are obtained . according to the experiment results , it is different between the failure patterns of src members and rc members
    为了分析空腹式钢骨混凝土的抗震性能,寻找一种即安全又经济的src截面形式,本文对9根不同强度、不同配钢率、不同轴力的src试件和3根普通rc试件做了抗震性能试验,在保持轴力不变的情况下,采用荷载? ?变形混合控制方法施加往复的水平荷载,观察其变形性能与破坏状况,测得各试件的滞回曲线。
  • The results suggested that there lies certain regularity in the pattern of ci and the regularity depends on definite magnitude of coriolis stimulation ; the duration and the intensity of ci are positive related to the magnitude of coriolis stimulation ; the parameters of eng accompanying ci ca n ' t be used as the objective indication of ci
    不同轴向的线加速度对科里臭利错觉的彤响本实验在gl 2000高级空间定向模拟器上,分别对x轴向线加速度为0 27gx与0gx时、 y轴向线加速度为0 27gy与0gv时等量的科里奥利加速度刺激n
  • For sand , glass bean , quartz sand and pvc , pressure fluctuations were measured at different conditions . furthermore , statistics analysis , power spectral density ( psd ) analysis and chaos analysis of pressure fluctuations in gas - solid cfb were conducted . an investigation of the effect of circulating solid flux , superficial gas velocity , height from riser bottom and particle property on the parameters ( e . g
  • A series of specimens with circular sections were tested , which included the short - term behavior of 24 frp - confmed concrete specimens under different load eccentricities and the long - term behavior of eight frp - confined concrete columns under different load ratios . an attempt to predict the time - dependent behavior of frp - confined concrete columns and beam columns with circular sections is proposed by the aci209 ( 1997 ) specifications model
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