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预缴外汇 advance settlement of exchan...
预缴所得税 advance payment of income ta...
预考 preexamination
预致谢意 thank you in anticipation
预行 put in force beforehand
预见 predict
预言 prophesy
预言家 prophet
预言将有风暴 prophesy a storm prophecy
预言明天太阳将不会升起是荒唐可笑的 It is ridiculously absurd to...
预言明天太阳将不升起是荒唐可笑的 It is ridiculous to predict ...
预言结果还为时过早 It would be premature to for...
预言者 predictor
预警 early warning
预警雷达 early warning radar
预警飞机 early warning plane
预计 estimate
预计产量 estimated output
预计利润 anticipations of profit
预计到达时间 estimated time of arrival
预计成本 anticipated cost
预计执行数 the estimation of the actual...
预计数据 predicted data
预计误差 prediction error
预订 subscribe
预订一空 booked up
预订仓位 cargo reservation
预订到北京的直达车票 book a ticket through to Bei...
预订商品 place an order for goods
预订座席 seat reservation
预订房间 have a room reserved
预订旅馆 make reservation for hotel r...
预订机票 book an air ticket
预订杂志 subscribe to a magazine
预订车票 book tickets in advance
预订饭桌 reserve a table
预试 prerun
预谋 premeditate
预谋报复 deliberately plan a revenge
预谋杀人 premeditated murder
预谋毒害 premeditatively poison
预谋犯罪 calculated crime
预谋者 premeditator
预购 purchase in advance
预购合同 forward purchasing contract
预购定金 advance payments for future ...
预购某物 make the purchase for sth. i...
预赛 preliminary contest
预选赛 preliminaries
预选赛中保持不败 be under defeated in the pre...
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