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放宽条件 soften the terms
放宽移民限制 relax restriction on immigra...
放宽经济政策以鼓励生产的积极性 Economic policy is liberaliz...
放宽胸怀 be broad-minded
放寒假 have winter holidays
放射 radiate
放射光芒 send forth rays
放射出万道金光 emit a thousand golden rays
放射化学 radiochemistry
放射区域 radioactive area
放射对称 radial symmetry
放射性 radioactivity
放射性同位素 radioactive isotope
放射性污染 radioactive contamination
放射性碳 radioactive carbon
放射性碳年代测定技术 radio-carbon dating techniqu...
放射性碳年龄 radiocarbon age
放射性碳测定年龄 carbon-14 dating
放射性碳测年 radiocarbon dating
放射性碳素测定年代 radiocarbon dating
放射疗法 radio therapy
放射科医生 radiologist
放尽制动气缸余气 exhausting the air brake cyl...
放屁 break wind
放工 knock off give way to
放幻灯 show slides
放开 let go
放开价格 decontrol prices
放开手脚 give... a free hand to
放开搞活 allow flexibility
放开胆子 pluck up courage
放弃 give up
放弃上诉权 renunciation of appeal
放弃个人意见 withdraw one's opinion
放弃休息时间 give up one's time for rest
放弃保费 waiver of premium
放弃公民权 renounce one's citizenship
放弃原则 forsake one's principles
放弃国籍 renounce one's nationality
放弃国籍声明 declaration of alienage
放弃奖金 waiver of premium
放弃机会 throw away one's chance
放弃权利 renounce
放弃条款 waiver clause
放弃索赔 renunciation of claim
放弃继承权 renunciation of succession
放弃职守 desert one's post
放弃自己的异议 waive one's objection
放弃航次 abandonment of the voyage
放弃表决权 abstain from voting
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