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放像室 video-film room
放像机 videoplayer
放像镜 magnascope
放光彩 iridescence
放入 introduction
放养 put in a suitable place to b...
放养密度 released density
放养比例 ratio of stocking
放养规格 stocking size
放养过密 overstock
放养鱼秧 breed fish fry
放冷枪 fire sniper's shot
放冷箭 injure insidiously
放冷风 spread unfounded rumours
放出 give out
放出光和热 give out light and heat
放出指令 emit instructions
放出有息贷款 lend at interest
放出清香 exude a delicate fragrance
放出蒸汽 let off steam
放出钢丝绳时要制动 Check a cable when it's runn...
放刀成佛 drop the knife and become a ...
放刁 make difficulties for sb.
放利多怨 To exact a rate of interest ...
放叶 foliation
放哨 stand sentry
放唱片 play a gramophone record
放回原处 place where it is
放在一边 put aside
放在磅上 put it on the scales
放在首位 put in the first place
放声 playback
放声大哭 cry loudly and bitterly put ...
放声大喊 lift up one's voice
放声大笑 laugh a hearty laugh
放声歌唱 sing heartily
放声痛哭 utter a stifled cry of agony
放声高歌 sing loudly
放大 amplify
放大器 amplifier
放大炮 speak with a sharp tongue
放大眼光 enlarge one's eyesight -- to...
放大镜 magnifying glass
放学 close
放宽 relax restrictions
放宽一寸 let out an inch
放宽娤拗 relaxation of restrictions
放宽尺度 relax the requirements
放宽政策 implement policies more flex...
放宽期限 extend a time limit
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