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攻守结合型打法 defensive-offensive play
攻心 make a psychological attack
攻心为上 Psychological offense is the...
攻心战 psychological warfare
攻打 attack
攻敌人的右翼 attack the enemy's right the...
攻敌必救 attack the enemy's key point...
攻无不克 ever-victorious
攻歼 wipe out
攻潜 attacking submarine
攻点打援 attack the enemy's stronghol...
攻球 attacking driving
攻生单 Gong Shengdan
攻破 break through
攻破敌军防线 break through the enemy defe...
攻苦食淡 work hard and live plainly a...
攻补兼施 tonification and purgation i...
攻补兼施剂 purgation-tonification presc...
攻角 angle of attack
攻讦 rake up sb.'s past and attac...
攻读 assiduously study
攻读博士 study for a doctorate
攻读法学 study law seriously
攻陷 capture
放下 lay down
放下书卷 lay down a volume
放下包袱 lay down the burden
放下屠刀 drop the butcher's knife -- ...
放下手头的工作 put aside the work on hand
放下架子 discard one's haughty airs
放下武器 lay down arms
放之四海而皆准 be applicable everywhere
放任 not interfere
放任不羁 unrestrained license
放任主义 the policy of non-interferen...
放任式领导 laissez-faire leadership
放任政策 Laissez-faire policy
放任管理 driftig-management
放任自流 follow one's own inclination
放任自由 with a loose rein
放伞按扭 button for deploying drag ch...
放伞系统 parachute release system
放债 lend money for interest
放债剥削 extend loans to exploit othe...
放假 have a holiday or vacation
放假半天 have a half-day holiday
放假时她常去参加义务劳动 She often does volunteer lab...
放像 video reproduction
放像厅 video show room
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