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攻下 capture
攻下敌人的桥头堡 capture the enemy bridgehead
攻丝 tapping
攻丝卡盘 threading chuck
攻丝机 threading machine
攻丝螺钉 thread-cutting screw
攻丝装置 chasing bar
攻克 capture
攻克技术难关 surmount a technical difficu...
攻克敌军据点 capture an enemy stronghold
攻关 storm a strategic pass tackl...
攻关精神 the spirit of "storming the ...
攻关项目 key scientific and technolog...
攻其不备 attack sb. off guard
攻击 attack
攻击别人 character assassination
攻击反应 aggressive reaction
攻击声纳 attack sonar
攻击导弹 offensive missile
攻击敌人的翼侧 attack the enemy in the flan...
攻击机 attack plane
攻击波 attack echelons
攻击点 a point chosen for attack
攻击素 aggressin
攻击者 attacker
攻击航向 attack heading
攻击航线 target pattern
攻击行为 aggressive behaviour
攻击距离 attack distance
攻击轰炸机 an attack bomber
攻击队形 assault formation
攻势 offensive
攻势作战 offensive operation
攻势凌厉 a swift and fierce attack
攻势已经衰弱 The offensive has slacked of...
攻势防御 offensive defense
攻占 attack and occupy
攻取 storm and capture
攻坚 storm fortifications
攻坚不怕堡垒硬 A valiant assault force does...
攻坚战 battle in which fortified po...
攻坚战术 tactics of storming heavily ...
攻城 lay siege to a city
攻城战役 compaign to take cities
攻城打援 attacking a city to strike t...
攻城榴弹炮 siege-howitzer
攻城略地 take cities and seize territ...
攻城阻援 attack reinforcements while ...
攻守 offensive and defensive
攻守同盟 offensive and defensive alli...
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