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干拌 dry mixing
干掉 eliminate
干支 the Ten Celestial Stems and ...
干旱 drought
干旱地区 arid area
干旱地区需要灌溉才能使作物生长 Irrigation is needed to make...
干旱期间庄稼都枯死了 The crops died during the dr...
干材 bole
干杯 drink a toast
干松 dry and soft
干板 dry plate
干果 dry fruit dried fruit
干果仁 peaberry
干果片 schnitz
干果甲虫 dried-frait beetle
干枯 dried-up withered
干架 quarrel
干柴好烧 Wood burns better when dry.
干柴容易燃烧 Dry wood burns easily.
干柴易燃 Dry wood will easily make th...
干柴烈火 a blazing fire and dry wood
干校 cadre school
干椰肉 copra
干毛巾 dry towel
干沙吸收水分 Dry sand absorbs water. recr...
干河 dry river
干河床 billabong
干河谷 koris
干河道 resaca
干洗 dry-clean
干洗剂 dry cleaner
干洗工 dry cleaner
干洗收件店 drop shop
干活 labour
干活他一个能抵我们两个 He can do the work of two of...
干活他一个能顶我们两个 He can do the work of two of...
干活儿 work
干活儿潦草 work in a slipshod way
干活卖劲儿 go all out in one's work
干活累得疲惫不堪 be exhausted with toil
干活麻利 work dexterously
干流 trunk stream
干涉 interfere
干涉主义 interventionism
干涉仪 interferometer
干涉仪定位法 interferometer systems
干涉仪测定 interferometer measurement
干涉内政 interfere in the internal af...
干涉内政者 interventionist
干涉婚姻自由 interference with the freedo...
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