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How to pronounce "颀"Chinese meaning for "颀"Use "颀" in a sentence
  • 形容词
    [书面语] (身体长大) tall
  • Discuss characters in li qi ' s poems in brief
  • Dr . keith mok dental clinic
  • This article will look into the poems of li chi and re - evaluate them
  • Finally the author will venture a re - evaluation of li chi ' s poetry and elaborate on where li chi stands in the history of tang poetry , as well as how and why
  • Blasting the nucleotides sequences of hsei and hseii with data of genbank , we locate them in 11q24 . nine exons of them are same , but two exons of hsei and one exon of hseii are different . it hints that hsei and hseii are two transcripts of hse gene transcribed from the different transcription start sites
    通过在genbank中南京医科大学士研究主毕业论义查询, hsei和hsell定位于人n号染色体长臂的2区4带,它们在基困组上的9个外元是一致的,但是hsei的前两个外元和hsell的第一个外元是不同的。
  • In this research , the correlation relationship among three variables has been validated , the result is : there is positive relationship between organizational input and employee performance ; there is no distinct relationship between organizational input and employee satisfaction ; also there is no distinct relationship between employee satisfaction and employee performance
    同时研究中还验证了3个变l ) g ) g )学卜学位论义量之间的相关关系,得出以下结论:组织投入和员工绩效呈现正相关关系:组织投入和员工满意度无确定相关关系;员工满意度和员工绩效之间无确定的相关关系。
  • The exploitation and study of this system have got great success , compared with the ones of the same type , this system is more open and more easily used to merge with cad and cam , it runs stably , is convenient to be maintained and the interface is friendly and intuitional . its usage can be grasped quickly . according to the input information , it can automatically display different properties of nc codes in different colors , and zoom in or zoom out the figure of tool nose paths dynamically
    本系统的开发研究已取得实质性成果,与国内同类的数控系统相比,具有真正的开放性,易于实现与cad cam软件集成,运行稳定,维护方便,界面友好直观,易学易用,能根据输入自动显示不同颜色以区广西大学士学赶文募于; m咖ss平台肘开侠尤三劫肛前喊在系统开发研穷分代码的属性,能动态缩放显示刀具轨迹图形,此外,它有较好的多任务性和独立性,能在加工时执行其它windows应用程序而不影响加工,控制器甚至能在pc端操作系统关闭时继续完成加工,可用软件控制面板或硬件操作面板两种方式操纵机床。
  • In the preprocessing stage the method of user and session identification often adopt heuristic algorithm for the being of cache and agent . this induce the uncertainty of data resource . the cppc algorithm avoid the limitation and has no use for complicated hash data structure . in this algorithm , by constructing a userld - url revelant matrix similar customer groups are discovered by measuring similarity between column vectors and relevant web pages are obtained by measuring similarity between row vectors ; frequent access paths can also be discovered by further processing of the latter . experiments show the effectiveness of the algorithm . in the fourth part , this thesis bring some key techniques of data mining into web usage mining , combine the characteristic of relation database design and implement a web usage mining system wlgms with function of visible . lt can provide the user with decision support , and has good practicability
    本文算法避免了这个缺陷,且不需要复杂的hash数据结构,通过构造一个userid - uel关联矩阵,对列向量进行相似性分析得到相似客户群体,对行向量进行相似性度量获得相关web页面,对后者再进一步处理得到频繁访问路径。实验结果表明了算法的有效性。第四是本文将传统数据挖掘过程中的各种关键技术,引入到对web使用信息的挖掘活动中,结合关系数据库的特点设计并实现了一个具有可广西人学士学位论义视化功能的web使用挖掘系统wlgms 。
  • This article introduces the whole operating and managing system of chinese open end fund . it is included the origin and development of open end fund , experience and lessons of foreign open end fund development ; the classification of the open end fund and its deference from other securities ; the features of the open end fund and its establishment , transaction and structure of fees ; the operation and profit - allocation of the open end fund ; the consultation of agents
  • In the second layer , k - nearest neighbor algorithm is introduced to ascertain searching scope firstly , and then the nerve cell function ' s parameter in hidden layers begin to be evolved in this scope . the least - square is also introduced to calculate connection power between hidden layer and output layer
    其中在第二级演化中,先用最小邻聚法确定搜索空间,然后再在此空广西大学十论文i 13f神经网络在ect图像重注中的应用研穴间内进行演化,其中用最小二乘法来确定从隐层到输出层的连接权值。
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